Own your own vineyard including a bespoke super luxury villa, with the latest solar technology, A Energy rating due to the SISMO building technology, latest home automation and charging station for electric vehicles.

The Vineyard Lifestyle

Do you like the idea of sustainable living? Do you want to be more in touch with nature? Do you love drinking wine and is owning a wine cellar not enough for your wine-loving soul? Do you like the idea of living in a vineyard?

You might be among the increasing number of people who fall in love with the vineyard lifestyle, the slow-food movement, connect more with nature and pursuing a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle, without giving up on today´s luxuries.

If that is the case, then read on and check out what makes Las Vistas Yecla a unique opportunity to obtain just that.

The Project

Will you become the proud owner of a self-sufficient luxury new-build Cortijo-style villa inside a beautiful vineyard?

Las Vistas Yecla is a unique opportunity to live inside a vineyard, in direct contact with nature and have a more healthy and eco-sustainable lifestyle. The location is one of its unique features: although the vineyard is situated in the middle of nature, it’s just 15 minutes’ drive away from the hustle and bustle of Yecla with all its cultural and gastronomic offerings.

Become self-sufficient, grow your own crops, produce your own electricity and hot water with electric solar panels and use a wood burning stove to heat your entire house in the winter. Have a vegetable garden where you grow all the greens and fruits you like.

Price starts at Euro 774,000 for 20,000 m2 - final price depends on buyers requirements.

V1 V2 V3
Useful m2 325,3 330,3 294,8
Build m2 381,5 391,6 420,0
Surface m2 553,0 563,4 644,3
Terrace m2 195,7 201,1 349,5

What makes this project different?

Own a vineyard

If you ever wanted to own a vineyard, then this is your chance to be a vineyard owner right in the center of Murcia's wine area


This villa has all the luxury you could think of having including a private swimming pool, lounges, dressing areas, etc...

Energy rating

Class A energy rating means that your bills will be minimal and is as sustainable as you can get

Outdoor living

Set away from towns or cities with only a 10 - 15 minutes drive to the nearest town gives you total privacy

Blend in with the nature

The property design has kept nature in mind so you always feel like you are connected to nature

SISMO technology

SISMO Reinforced concrete based on insulated concrete panels giving you extra insulation and provides 10 year insurance

Solar powered

Solar panel ready which means you will generate most of the electricity yourself and sell what you don't need

Living roof

The living roof will provide extra protection from the sun givng a much cooler roof and add to the beauty of the property

Car charger

A car charging station for electric cars can be added if required, there is plenty of space for any addition

Become selfsuficient

Owning your own land besides the vineyard means that you can even grow your own food and become selfsuficient

Spanish lifestyle

Live in an area surrounded by deep spanish culture and get away from the golf resorts, beaches and turistic areas


The mountains in the background provide a panoramic view in all directions that you can see


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